Dragon Dance All Jackpots Mobile Pokies… Play to Win 3X Multipliers & 15 Free Spins!

Have you always been looking for the ultimate game for you? Well, it is time to stop looking, since the game that combines everything you always wanted is here and it is called Dragon Dance All Jackpots Mobile Pokies!

This game offers you to enjoy the latest, and definitely the best features and bonuses you will not easily find in other pokies games, such as the ability to re-spin specific reels according to your own preference, and to win great multipliers during free spins… which can be retriggered!

These, and many others, are waiting to you in one of the best games you will have the chance to try out in your life! Start playing now!

Who's Ready to Re-Spin?

Re-spin is a very unique feature, that can be rarely found on other mobile pokies real money games. Therefore, if you play this mobile games, you will be able to enjoy something special you probably haven't seen before, which will be truly exciting and valuable for you.

The re-spin feature enables you to pick a reel of your choice, and to spin it once more. This way, if you almost have a winning combination, and only one symbol is keeping you from winning, you can spin its reel (only this one!) again and leave all others intact.

Before spinning each reel you will be able to see the amount of credits it takes to spin it. The nice thing is that not all reels are worth the same amount of credits, and you can even prefer one reel over the other, based on its cost!

Free Spins and Tripled Credits! Here's How to Do That!

Playing an All Jackpots mobile pokies real money casino game is great, but playing it for free is even better. As you play free casino games, when using the real money mode, you can win real money credits and use them to play more spins… on the house!

Enjoying the free spin feature is easier than you may think, since it actually requires nothing from you! You simply need to play the game as usual, and change absolutely nothing in what you've been doing so far.

Randomly, symbols will land on your reels, and once three, four or five Scatter symbols land on adjacent reels, you will be granted, immediately, with 15 free spins. During the free spins, you get to deposit nothing, and keep on winning for real!

Another great feature you get to enjoy of, as you play the free spins, is the 3x multiplier. With this feature, all credits you will win during the free spins will be tripled before reaching your payline, so you get to enjoy 3X more than ever!

Lastly, if you were lacking wonderful bonuses over here, you better know the free spins can be re-triggered as you play… so you can keep on winning free credits, for more than 15 spins!

Scatter and Credits – It's Really As Easy As it Seems

With that being said, it is also good to remember that the Scatter symbol is just like any other, when it comes to granting you with credits. This means that when a few of its kind land on adjacent reels, you can be rewarded with additional credits, regardless the free spins bonus you will enjoy afterward.

Two Scatter symbols are worth 25 credits, and three such symbols are worth 5 credits. Four Scatters grant the players with 25 credits, and the players who make it to five Scatter symbols get to enjoy 250 credits in no time!

243 Ways to Win, and the Dragon Dance Symbol Is One of Them

If you already heard a thing or two about the game, you probably know by now that up to 60,000 credits can be yours, and that there are 243 different ways to win the game. In other words, the sky is the limit, and you should only understand what are your options, so you can maximize them while playing.

The Dragon Dance symbol is capable of replacing all other symbols in this game, besides the Scatter, and help you create additional winning combinations, according to your needs. This symbol, which is also known as Wild, can land, in this game, on lines #2 and #4 only.

Some players prefer to re-spin these two reels more often than others on order to maximize the chances to win the Wilds.

Once the Wild lands on your reels, and additional (or better) winning combinations are created, you can quickly increase the number of credits you win. And in order to make that happen, you should mostly play just as you always do… since this symbol will randomly land on your reels! Least effort, maximal gain!

Gambling Features, It's Up to You

Gambling is all about the gambler: you choose what you like most, and which gambling methods you prefer more than others. Although pokies games are known to be mostly based upon luck, especially compared to poker games in which your experience and knowledge take a very prominent place in the process, this All Jackpots mobile game gives you some great features to use, to play just the way you like.

Here are some features that will give you maximal control while playing, of which you may enjoy most:

Auto Play

Auto play is your opportunity to play for a very long while, without giving up your breaks. Taking the time to simply stare the screen, enjoy the game, and not working too much, is possible once you make the reels to spin on their own.

To trigger this feature, you can click, at any time, the 10X, 25X, 50X or 100X buttons. Until stop button is also available for you, enabling you to start spinning the reels, and to stop this mode whenever you feel you have had enough.

You can also click the Custom button, and to choose yourself the exact number of times you want the reels to spin. When using the advanced settings window, you can also choose the method you wish the reels to stop from spinning.

At any point, you can click the Stop button, and to play again the regular mode.

Coin Size & Coins

These two features enable you control your wagers at any given time, so you will be able to keep on playing even if you feel a bit short in cash, or to try and maximize the number of credits you win, if you feel you can play with the credits a bit.

Coins Size feature enables you to choose the number of credits deposited per coin, and Coins feature enables you to decide how many such features are used in each spin. This way, you can play more spins while depositing less per spin, and thus spend the same amount of credits, at the end of the day.

It's also important to understand the depositing – winning relation to make the best decisions for you. The more you deposit, the more you can win in case winning combinations are created, and the less you wager, the less credits you will receive when winning.

Bet Max

Bet Max is probably the most rewarding feature the zest gamblers can find in this game. A single click on this button immediately increases the number of coins, and the coins' size to the maximum and triggers the next spin.

This way, even if you currently bet the lowest amount of credits allowed in the game, it won't take long till you will start betting max, with this great button!

Make the Most Out Of the Mobile Game

Not all games are available on the mobile platform, but those that are – are so amazing! When a game is popular enough to be available on the mobile platform, it usually means you must give it a shot, if you haven't already.

Moreover, if you really like this mobile game, you can enjoy many great advantages the online players cannot enjoy… these advantaged include the ability to use spare time to play what you like, and to be considered a loyal player in your casino faster than ever before, since you play more than others.

Additionally, if you enjoy the mobile game you are playing, the fact it is a mobile one makes it easier for you to play it over and over again, and not to wait until you get back home to enjoy it. You can now do more things, enjoy more possibilities, and tour around the world, without abandoning the games you love most!

So check out the new Dragon Dance All Jackpots Mobile Pokies - you're sure to enjoy it!