Reel Spinner All Jackpots Mobile Pokies! Choose Multipliers During Free Spins!

This is, without a doubt, one of the most special games you will ever play. Here you can find bonuses and benefits you won’t find elsewhere, and play this game, using the unique gambling features available to you.

This is probably one of the very few games in which you will be able to enjoy, every time, a different number of free spins as you play, as well as a different number of multipliers during the free spins.

These prizes, and many others, are now available on one of the most exciting mobile pokies games All Jackpots Casino has for you!

Free Spins – You Can Never Know What You’ll Get

When enjoying the free spins, you get to keep on playing the real money game you’ve played, and winning the real money credits you can win, but without depositing a thing. In order to win these free spins, all you have to do is play the game as usual.

The Scatter symbols randomly land on your reels, and once three, four or five of them land on adjacent reels, you can start to enjoy these free spins right away. Once the mode is triggered, six boats will appear on your screen, so you can pick one of them.

Having done that, the number of free spins granted to you will be revealed right away. Afterward, you will be asked to spin a reel in order to reveal the multiplier which will be applied on all the credits you win during the game. And if that’s not enough for you, you better keep in mind that Wilds, once appearing, are stacked on all reels during the free spins.

Not sure what is a Wild? No worries. Soon you will learn all about it.

This, without a doubt, is going to be a hell of a gaming mode! Did we mention already this is a pretty unique method to grant the players with free spins?

Enjoy the Scatter’s Payouts

Scatter is not only here to grant you with free spins. It can help you win additional credits even before those spins start, and here is how it works: for three Scatter symbols, you will win 22.5 credits. For four such symbols, you will be able to enjoy 112.5 credits. Five Scatters, landing on all five reels, will be followed, immediately, by 562.5 credits, which will be yours right away.

Of course, once you receive these credits, you also start playing the free spins and have the chance to win even more!

Wild Substitutes Your Symbols

Wild is another great symbol which makes the game you play like nothing else. Titled as the “Reel Spinner”, this symbol can replace any other symbol on your reels, and thus enable you to play and win better winning combinations than those you could have won without it.

The only symbol the Wild does not replace is the Scatter, but all other winning combinations will be upgraded immediately thanks to it.

You Can Win More Credits with Wild as Well

One thing this symbol has in common with the Scatter, is the fact it can help you win more credits, even without functioning as a bonus symbol. Three, four, or five Wild symbols which land on your reels, will grant you, respectively, 150, 750 and 1500 credits.

With so many cash granted in a single spin, who even needs the free spins?

Here’s How to Make the Game the One You Always Dreamed Of

Playing this game is fun and rewarding, but manipulating the game every now and then the way you want to, can make it even more thrilling. Here are a few common methods to take control over the game, and change the rules a bit according to your preferences. Try these out to see what fits you best.

Control the Wagers

Controlling the amount of cash you wager is definitely important, and it helps you be in greater control over the game. The more comfortable you feel, regarding your deposits, during the game, the more you will want to play, the longer your games will last, and the more you will enjoy over time.

To pick the number of credits deposited per spin, all you should do is click the + or – button under the Bet title. You can pick almost any number of credits between 0.15 to 1.25, and to change it as many times as you wish before and after every spin.

Play the Auto-Spins

Using the game’s auto–pilot is probably one of the best things that you can do as you play. Using this mode will enable you to do additional things but playing during the game, such as eating and drinking, or playing Rubik’s Cube, while still enjoying the chance to win more credits.

A single click on one of the buttons on the screen will enable you to trigger 10, 25, 50 and 100 spins, or simply start spinning the reels “forever”, and click the Stop button whenever you feel like it.

Clicking the Auto Play button will enable you to open the Settings mode, and to choose the exact number of spins you wish triggering, as well as the way you want the reels to stop spinning.

Remember, you can click the Stop button at any given moment, even if you already chose the number of times the reels will spin.

Play Mobile, Enjoy from Any Given Place

This game is available on the mobile platform, and that is probably one of the best things that can happen to you. This unique game, with the unique features you cannot easily find on other games, can be now played from anywhere you want, as long as you have got service.

This means that no matter where you are, and what is the time, you can still play and win additional credits and spins, and to make your day more interesting and fun. Additionally, if you are an All Jackpots member, the more you will play any game, including this one, the faster you will become a loyal player, and the faster you will be rewarded with all kinds of exciting prizes and bonuses.

Why All Jackpots?

Se we’ve mentioned already that playing the Reel Spinner All Jackpots Mobile Pokies is great, but playing it via the All Jackpots mobile casino is even better. In addition to the apparent benefits of being a loyal casino member, there are other bonuses and benefits which can make it pretty rewarding for you to play specifically in this casino, and not in others.

First, you should always keep in mind the welcome mobile casino bonus All Jackpots offers is pretty rewarding, and receiving it will enable you to enjoy free credits to play the games you always wanted.

Additional promotions offered in the casino will help you enjoy a special and rewarding casino experience, and to make the most out of the time you play and win. You will be able to enjoy more credits faster, and in more thrilling ways, as well as to see there is always something new to explore and try out.

Try Out the Practice Mode

Playing the practice mode is one of the ways to give this game a fair shot, and to see you can enjoy it a lot. So if you don’t feel comfortable playing it for real before you know what this game is like, the practice mode is just what you need.

When playing this mode, you can check out the bonuses, how to win them, what you do once they are yours, and to see for yourself how much you actually enjoy the game. Once you feel you understand well enough the game, its rules, the ways you prefer playing it and any other thing which may be relevant to you, you can switch to the real money mode, and start playing and winning for real!

Don’t wait any longer! Start playing and winning Reel Spinner All Jackpots Mobile Pokies at this very moment! Good luck!